Civil Litigation and Other Practice Areas

Calif. Public Records Act

Craig Alexander practices in the area of Public Records Act law and litigation. Craig drafts CPRA requests to be addressed to agencies and litigates CPRA cases against public entities to obtain both documents and his client’s attorneys fees and costs from the agency.     

Contract Negotiations

In representing business owners and community members to achieve the best and fairest contract possible for his clients, Mr. Alexander's primary goal is the protect his clients. In addition, Craig’s goal is create a win-win contract so that the client can concern themselves with “doing business.” Not staying up at night worrying about a bad contract or waking up to nasty surprises in the form of a lawsuit or arbitration.   

Insurance Law and Litigation

Attorney Craig Alexander spent more than 10 years inside the insurance industry and several years working as an attorney for carriers. Craig knows both what insurance carriers do with claims and what they should do to protect their insureds.      

Homeowners Association Law

Knowing and understanding your rights and responsibilities in an HOA is critical.  Craig has many years of practice in Homeowners Association Laws  for both residential and commercial projects. He has represented both HOAs and individual HOA owners / members.  Put his 30+ years of legal experience to work for you!   

Civil Litigation

No one whats to find themselves in Court.  But when you are you want an experienced Civil Litigation attorney on your side.  Craig P. Alexander has thirty years experience inside the Courtroom.  And while protecting your legal rights in Court, even before a jury if need be, Craig always looks for a win-win solution to end litigation in his client's favor if possible

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